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Iowa Üniversitesi Akademik Yaz Okulu

Üst-Zem & Iowa Üniversitesi
Akademik Yaz Okulu 8 Temmuz – 29 Temmuz 2017


Üstün Zekalılar Eğitim Merkezi, IOWA Üniversitesi Belin Blank Merkezi ile ortak bir eğitim çalışması
Bu Programa ÜST-ZEM tarafından seçilmiş 6 -18 yaş arası sınırlı sayıda öğrenci götürülecektir.
Belin Blank, üstün zekalı öğrencilerin eğitimi konusunda kendini kanıtlamış ve tüm eğitim dünyasında
takip edilen bir merkezdir.
Geliştirdiği eğitim müfredat ve programlarına dünyanın bir çok kurumu tarafından kullanılmaktadır.
IOWA Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi’ne bağlı olan bu özerk kuruluş, aynı zamanda üstün potansiyel
durumunu kanıtlamış öğrenvilere erken üniversite programı da sunmaktadır.

Aşağıda belirlenen derslerden isteğe göre 2-3 ders konusu seçilecek ve işlenecektir.
Eğitim süresi toplam 3 hafta olacaktır.

Gidiş: 8 Temmuz 2017
Dönüş: 29 Temmuz 2017

Üniversite de diğer yabancı ülke ogrencilei ile beraber kalacak.
ÜST-ZEM refakat öğretmende aynı binada kalacaktır.

Bütün gidiş dönüş, ve yerel transpotasyon ÜST-ZEM tarafından karşılanacaktır.

Iowa City bir Üniversite şehridir ve hafta sonları için üniversite ile beraber
yerel müze, geziler ve aktiviteler planlanlanmıştır.


Katılım sertifikası ve katılım raporu IOWA üniversitesi tarafından verilecektir.

Advanced Leadership
Students will explore concepts and theories related to leadership, and they will balance theory
and practice of leadership as they examine their own individual styles of leadership. The focus
will, therefore, be on exploring the meaning of leadership and how it opens up the possibilities
for a person to make a difference in the world. Participants will be participating in a variety of
activities ranging from individual reflection to a service learning project. There will be lots of
interactive classroom discussion, experiential activities, and projects.
(7. sınıf ve üzeri)

Radicals and Revolution
Revolution” has become a word used so often it is difficult to define. It can be used to describe
political transformation, new advances in technology, or shifts in lifestyle. In this course,
students will look deeply at diverse historical and contemporary case-studies, searching for
the patterns that create and shape revolutionary processes. As a parallel, we will look at the
groups and individuals that take part in these revolutionary moments. Students will conduct
their own historical research, participate in simulations, and engage with some of the great
theorists of the past. By looking at causes, successes, and failures, students will strive to
create their own definition of Revolution, creating a lens that can help them better under-
stand their past and, perhaps, the future. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, politi-
cal revolutions in France, America, China, Iran, and Haiti, as well as conceptual revolutions such
as those that have taken place in science, industry, and technology.

3D Design and Printing – Prototyping Gliders
This class will teach students the basics of 3D design and collaborative prototyping. Students
will work together with the goal of designing, building, and launching rubber band powered
gliders. They will make the gliders and launchers from 3D printed parts, wood dowels, and
rubber bands. On the final day of class student teams will compete for best glider.

Writing Workshop Session 1
In this writing workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore the world of fiction. We
will read contemporary short stories, discuss elements of craft—plot, characterization, and
dramatization—and most importantly, we will have the time and space to devote to our own
writing. So much of writing is a solitary (ad)venture, and we will be taking this journey togeth-
er, in the form of writing in class, sharing our work, and giving feedback to each other. The
week’s activities will include readings, discussions, writing workshops, and field trips, all
intended to stir up new ideas and inspire fresh creativity.

Apply Civil & Environmental Engineering concepts and techniques. Activities will provide
students with an in-depth exposure to, understanding of, and appreciation for engineering
through an engineering design approach to problem solving. During the week students will
work on design projects covering automated vehicle transportation, stream flows, drinking
water and buildings as well as participate in construction site tours. They will be introduced to
and explore specific engineering disciplines as they work with professional engineers and

Classical and Modern Physics
This course covers an overview of classical and modern physics including Newtonian kinemat-
ics and dynamics, thermodynamics, special relativity, electricity, magnetism, light, astronomy,
and modern physics. We will also have 3 hours of laboratory sessions to improve our conceptu-
al understanding with hands-on exercises.

Astrobiology – Life in the Universe
Do you wonder about life in the Universe? With an estimated 300 billion stars in the Milky Way
galaxy and nearly 1,800 confirmed planets discovered outside of our solar system — 500 in
multiple planetary systems like our own — there are many questions that beg to be answered!
Astrobiology is a field of study that combines many disciplines to answer three fundamental
questions: How does life begin and evolve? Is there life beyond Earth and, if so, how can we
detect it? What is the future of life on Earth and in the universe? In this session of NSI, we will
discuss the early Universe and the Big Bang Theory to set the stage. We will visit labs and talk
to guest lecturers about instrumentation and how we know what we know about space and
life in it. We will investigate current research missions and look into environments on known
exoplanets. We will consider what life needs and explore extreme examples on life here on
Earth and how that relates to life on other planets. We will also be bringing in books, short
stories, videos and movies to analyze the science behind the fiction in what authors and
Hollywood envision for our extraterrestrial neighbors.

Visual Arts Studio
In this class students will explore a variety of materials and techniques including printing,
mixed media, painting, drawing and bookmaking. Along with learning new techniques and
experimenting with a variety of materials students will be immersed in a positive and fun
environment that allows them to explore their creative ideas. Students will also be inspired by
the environment as we explore the arts campus, local galleries and the architecture of down-
town Iowa City.

Computer Science

Writing Workshop Session 2
This class is rigorous, challenging, friendly and fun. We will use techniques that are used by
professional writers: brief writing exercises, conversation about writing and reading, work-
shops, and field trips. Since one of the ways writers learn is by reading and imitating great
writers, reading and discussing sophisticated literature of different genres, in some cases
you’ll be asked to imitate aspects of the writing we read. In addition to discussing a short
story or essay every day, students will write at least one “exercise” every day. These exercis-
es are ones professional writers use to keep up their skills or deal with writers’ block; they
include poems, paragraphs, dialogue, and character sketches. Students will choose their
favorite of these to revise.

Data Science
Data is all around us, just waiting to be analyzed in order to better inform the decisions we
make, and the policies our leaders set! From traffic patterns, to weather patterns, to the
number of door openings per floor of a building, we will be coming up with interesting data-
sets to collect and using real tools to analyze this data and produce meaningful results.
Students will leave this course with a more analytical mind, and a knowledge of the tools and
methods necessary to change their world.

Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Cognition
The aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding of animal behavior, ecolo-
gy, and cognition. This course will cover the diversity of behavior across animals of many taxa
and methodology for studying animal behavior and ecology. In addition, we will explore how
to study animal cognition in the wild and also what is known about animal cognition from
lab/captive animal studies. We will cover topics such as: social behavior, mating systems,
foraging, communication, parental care, and group living, Students will learn hands-on tech-
niques for collecting behavioral data, ecological sampling, and acoustic recordings. The class
will combine video examples, reading/lecture material, outdoor activities, independent
research, and field trips.

Introductory study of the phenomena, techniques and models of modern physics including
quantum phenomena, special relativity physics and their interpretive models will be covered in
the lectures. In the hand-on laboratories, the students will perform historically groundbreaking
experiments such as electron diffraction, e/m experiment, atomic spectra, muon lifetime,
quantum analogs, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) radioactivity, and x-rays.

10 Temmuz 2017
21 Temmuz 2017

(2–4 Sınıflar)
Basic Coding & Game Creation
Pixel Art
Proposterous Proportions
This course will allow students to explore relative size through proportions. Students will use
ratios to answer questions such as ‘How far would you be able to jump if you could jump like a
frog’ or ‘how much weight could you carry if you could transport food like an ant?’ Students
will also explore how we use proportions to create realistic looking models and drawings. This
course is perfect for students with a great imagination and a love of mathematics.
Eğitmen: Jessica Jensen
Do you love video games? Do you love helping people? Learn how to code your own game to
help people in your community! Using a visual block coding language based on Javascript, we
will learn the basics of computer programming and start to develop your own simple (or
complex!) games! No coding experience is required, just bring your brain and your determina-
Eğitmen: Chelsea Sims
Do you enjoy art? What about video games, Minecraft, or Rubik’s cubes? Come join us for the
merger of geometry and art! In this workshop, we will learn about digital art, art history, and
how math and geometry are involved in the visual art we see every day. We will explore many
different art techniques including installation art, painting, cross stitch, and more.

10 Temmuz 2017
21 Temmuz 2017
(2–4 Sınıflar)

Chemistry: Reactions Galore
Fan Fiction
Summer of S.T.E.A.M (13:00-16:00)
BLAST off this summer and let off some STEAM! Get a taste of Science, Technology, Engineer-
ing, Art, and Math in this hands-on class. This fast-paced course will introduce students to
beginning computer programming skills, engineering and building, stop-motion animation,
pixel art, augmented reality and more!
Eğitmen: Chelsea Sims
Are you a fan of fiction? In this course, we will explore what exactly we love so much about
our favorite stories before entering the world of fan fiction with our own creative writing.
Students will work on creating fiction of their own based on characters or elements from their
favorite books, movies, video games, and other media. Possibilities include the Warriors series,
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and anything else that sparks your creativity.
Eğitmen: Mike Keller-Wilson
Fizzing, popping, oohs, and aahs await you in this lab-based course on chemical changes! We
will investigate lots of different types of reactions—what makes them go, how to modify them,
why some reactions are similar and others are not. Be prepared to spend two weeks in lab so
we can discover chemistry ourselves! Specifically, we will learn how to detect if a change is
physical or chemical, perform tests that identify certain products of chemical reactions, and
learn how to make lots of fizzing, foaming, popping, and color changing chemical reactions.
Eğitmen: Erica Wilkinson

10 Temmuz 2017
21 Temmuz 2017
(4–6 Sınıflar)

Computer Science
This course is a designed to be an introduction into problem-solving using computer science
tools. Students taking this course do not need to have any prior programming experience in
order to be successful. Students work in teams to create apps for mobile devices using MIT
App Inventor®. Beyond learning the fundamentals of programming, students build computa-
tional thinking skills by applying computer science to collaboration tools, modeling and simula-
tion, and data analysis. In addition, students transfer the understanding of programming
gained in App Inventor to text-based programming in Python® and apply their knowledge to
create algorithms for games of chance and strategy. This course aims to develop computa-
tional thinking and build interest in problem-solving and computer science. Students will also
learn about career paths available and how computer science can be integrated into many
Eğitmen: Krystle Stehno
Mathematics of Games
Get ready for fun and friendly competition as we learn the mathematical strategy behind
playing cards and board games! Many mathematical topics will be explored such as probability,
statistics, number theory, pattern analysis, geometry, and algebra. We will fully tackle the
mathematical theory behind games such as tic-tac-toe, target tic-tac-toe, Mastermind, Pachici
(known in modern times as Parcheesi), Hearts, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Bridge and many, many
more. Playing games will take on new meaning when fun and mathematical thought come
together. Please join us for this active, thought-provoking class!
Eğitmen: Jon Bach

10 Temmuz 2017
21 Temmuz 2017
(4–6 Sınıflar)

Girls with Ideas
Confidence comes from trying, doing and working hard. Instead of just talking about leader-
ship and ideas, Girls With Ideas helps girls discover their leadership style, identify problems
and opportunities they care about, guide them to select an idea that will improve their school
or community and build the skills to make their idea happen. Along the way girls will learn
valuable leadership skills like collaborating with others, brainstorming and creative-thinking,
how to express ideas and make decisions, how to work in teams and hold each other account-
able, and how they can learn from both failures and successes. Using fun activities and
project-based learning, girls grow as creative, confident leaders.
Eğitmenler: Allison Poss & Abbie Schneider
Mixed Media Art & Creative Thinking
Have you ever wondered how to paint with wax, create beautiful prints with Q-tips®, or craft a
stop motion animation? In mixed media art, students will explore a variety of art techniques.
They will learn about bookmaking and craft their own sketchbook by hand, then fill it with
examples of printmaking, painting, collage, fiber art, encaustic, and marbling. Students will
explore ceramics and 3-D art and even collaborate to create a stop motion video. We will
explore creative thinking tools and how artists and inventors generate ideas. Armed with our
creative toolbox, we will generate ideas for our own artwork that are individually expressive
and unique. Learn how to think like an artist every day! And how to sketch, print, felt, collage,
sculpt, and paint like one too!
Eğitmen: Sara Rieger

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